"Amazing Reflexologist...

I have had regular reflexology treatments with Gemma Cox for the last two years. I have found her to be knowledgable, professional and the best reflexologist that I have been to (and I have been to quite a few!) She always takes a detailed medical history and tailored the treatments specifically to my needs at that current time, understanding exactly what I required from the treatment and ensuring that my expectations were met.I have had treatments from her at the Healan Centre and at home, and she has always been punctual and reliable. I honestly cannot recommend her enough"

K.D - Crouch End

"Great Reflexologist...

I have been seeing Gemma for over a year now and can truely say that I look forward to each upcoming treatment. At the first session Gemma identified many of my ailments and conditions I had before I told her! After the session I felt completely relaxed and at ease, leading quite a hectic lifestle, I find it difficult to do this on my own. I was tense in between my shoulders, my neck, I had a numbing feeling down my arm and even needed the loo at the time and she picked up on all of it from just massaging my feet. I was hooked and have been seeing her every 2-3 weeks since! If it was possible I would see more oftenI would! Gemma helped me through a difficult times and has recently been very supportive and encouraging on my commitment to give up alcohol, caffiene and generally just becoming a healthier person. I have learned a lot from Gemma over the past year and she has become a very good friend (without the headaches that friends can sometimes be) and most importantly, I feel great after seeing her. I have found through the sessions I have obtaned a general healing, support, encouragment, and listening and best of all, relaxaion."

LF - Bounds Green

"Gemma Cox - reflexologist extraordinaire!

Its been said by many of those who have reviewed below but I think its worth saying again: one of the most striking things about the way Gemma treats you is the fact that she treats the whole person. When she needs to (usually when they are telling her something particularily useful to her treatment) she focusses on your feet but for other parts of the treatment she is also happy to talk about what is going on in your life and keen to use this wider context to help tailor her treatment to best meet your needs. 

I only see Gemma once every couple of months but am alway really impressed how much she remembers exactly what  was doing and how I was feeling the last time we saw each other. I believe it is this level of attentiveness that makes her a truely great therapist and enables her to really connect and help me. I have recommended Gemma to a number of friends who found her treatment really beneficial and have no hesitattion in recommending her here. Enjoy!"

AJC - Crouch End